Philly’s review of 2012

Phew, 2012 was a busy old year! There’s no wonder it seemed to fly by in an instant! Big events have come and gone. Its been a patriotic year too as the nation came together to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, to watch Jessica Ennis behind, I mean Jessica Ennis leave all others behind in the magnificent Olympics, and then briefly to celebrate the England football teams ascendancy into mediocrisy through Woy of the Wovers leadership after Bert’s resignation. There’s plenty of proper journalists out there that have done a far better job of reviewing the newsworthy items in 2012, so I’m just going to keep this post to my 2012. How very self-fulfilling of me!

On a personal note it’s been busy too. It all started at a friends in Belgium for new year – a murder mystery party and plenty of booze, along with not a small amount of Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson rung in the new year (twice) . Not long after returning home from there a trip up to Scotland was made where a good day’s snowboarding was had despite it looking like a 500 mile round trip for a nice cup of coffee, and an admiration of some onesies in the bar when wind played havoc the first day.

The Strictly live show at the end of January was sparkly spangly and magical as always and it was a nice evening out with Ma Marsay!

At the end of February I headed off on another Snowboarding trip to Tignes with my brother and Paul which proved to be a great mix of great boarding and fancy dressed apres-ski!

For my birthday I went out with a bunch of mates for drinkies in Darlington on the Friday night and then went to watch Boro spoil Southamptons promotion party! Saints needed a win to go up, but lost 2-1 having first taken the lead. Still, they won 4-0 the week after to make sure 🙂

At the end of May there was the Isle of Man TT and a nice week spent with the family and enjoying the racing.

Late summer was a time for my own personal sporting achievements following the inspirational Team GB effort. First there was my conquering of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks on a mountain bike (well, mostly with the mountain bike on me to be fair!), and shortly following that the enjoyable and bike-breakingly epic Coast to Coast across Scotland with my brother (as I type the bike is still in bits!).

In October there was Jon’s unforgettable stag do in Hamburg which was a great mix of drinking, recreation, stag antics, culture and er, drinking.

Novembers notable event was seeing the Killers in Nottingham, performing tracks from their incredible fourth album (Battle Born) with Jon and Paul.

And finally, last but not least, the year was rounded off in style with a Christmas return to Tignes and a magnificent wedding do for Jon and Amy where much crazy dancing was done! A trend which continued in an epic NYE party to round off 2012. I don’t think I will ever forget the Gangnam conga down the streets, and the you-tubing of classic kids TV theme tunes was also a personal highlight!

Other events worthy of mention in 2012 would be the Derby weekend with my Uni mates and the “ladyboys” – despite the slightly iffy zoo!, a weekend bus trip to Alton Towers, my victorious tennis comeback (for one match only), the inaugural and subsequent risk nights and the look on Simons face as I swept through his armies to vicrtory, several fun and painful freestyle nights at Castleford, the Big Bash day testing 8 snowboards and then buying one I hadn’t tried, Southamptons promotion to the premiership, the “bierkeller” night in Leeds with Paul, and the Oporto night with the Armers, Rach and Lisa too.

Oh gosh, what else, I’m sure there’s loads I’m missing out so I may come back here for future edits! For now though, I’m going to leave 2012 behind and start looking forward to 2013!

So to anyone who played a part in my 2012, be it a starring role, or a supporting one, I thank you all, it’s been a blast. Let’s do it all again (and more) this year!

Album of 2012: Battle Born, Killers
Movie of 2012: Hmm, I’ve not seen too many movies in 2012, so I’m just going to go with the only one I remember – The Amazing Spiderman! If you know me, you probably know why!

One man, two wheels, three peaks! Donate now (if you want)

The Yorkshire Three Peaks is one of Britains most famous WALKING challenges. Starting in the heart of yorkshire at Horton in Ribblesdale and taking in three of Yorkshires highest hills –  Pen y Ghent (694m),  Inglebrough (723m) and Whernside (736m), the challenge on foot is to complete the 25 mile loop in under 12 hours. You know what, if you want to know more – google it – there’s loads of information out there, there’s no need for me to write it all again.

Having done the walk with a couple of friends last year, talk came around to doing it again this year. Not keen on that idea (what’s the point in repeating a challenge?) I thought I’d try something different. And so, on Saturday when @pkryder and @andybell79 are trudging round a’pieds I will be attempting this challenge…on a bike.

My route is a little different to the walking route in order to miss out some of the more tricky bits, but will no doubt involve some lovely pushing, carrying and general awkwardness when trying to take a bike where it’s not supposed to go (only Inglebrough has a recognised mountain bike route up and down). The route I am aiming for is below.

Whilst I and we are and am not specifically doing this for charity, rather because I am a bit of a mentalist,  I do support the Make A Wish foundation so if you do fancy making a donation, please head over to and give anything you can spare. I’m still slowly edging towards a £500 target. If and when I hit this, I will voluntarily throw myself out of a plane (preferably with a parachute attached). I’ll pay for this out of my own pocket so your money will not be going towards me doing something else generally a bit stupid!

Whether you donate or not, wishes of good luck will be most appreciated / needed!! Please pass this link around if you feel it is worthy of someone elses attention 🙂