Lost in Teesdale!! – First ride of 2013

My first proper bike ride of 2013 did not exactly go to plan! When my phone and therefore GPS mapping carked it less than half way through the route, I tryed to carry on regardless. I ended up turning off the road too soon as you will see on the map, and going along a bridleway that suddenly stopped and turned into a boggy, snowy Moor. As I could see Hamsterly forest in the distance,  I trudged on, but after a while of no path appearing, I was feeling rather exposed, so doubled back and took a detour along the road.

Though I was never truly entirely lost, it’s safe to say I also didn’t really know where I was. I’ll be taking paper copies of maps next time I go somewhere I don’t know!!!

Although epic, it was still an enjoyable ride. There was snow on the higher ground which made life interesting, but also pretty, and the run down the brilliant Hamsterley red run was fun albeit rather tentative one after a 4 hour ride!