One man, two wheels, three peaks! Donate now (if you want)

The Yorkshire Three Peaks is one of Britains most famous WALKING challenges. Starting in the heart of yorkshire at Horton in Ribblesdale and taking in three of Yorkshires highest hills –  Pen y Ghent (694m),  Inglebrough (723m) and Whernside (736m), the challenge on foot is to complete the 25 mile loop in under 12 hours. You know what, if you want to know more – google it – there’s loads of information out there, there’s no need for me to write it all again.

Having done the walk with a couple of friends last year, talk came around to doing it again this year. Not keen on that idea (what’s the point in repeating a challenge?) I thought I’d try something different. And so, on Saturday when @pkryder and @andybell79 are trudging round a’pieds I will be attempting this challenge…on a bike.

My route is a little different to the walking route in order to miss out some of the more tricky bits, but will no doubt involve some lovely pushing, carrying and general awkwardness when trying to take a bike where it’s not supposed to go (only Inglebrough has a recognised mountain bike route up and down). The route I am aiming for is below.

Whilst I and we are and am not specifically doing this for charity, rather because I am a bit of a mentalist,  I do support the Make A Wish foundation so if you do fancy making a donation, please head over to and give anything you can spare. I’m still slowly edging towards a £500 target. If and when I hit this, I will voluntarily throw myself out of a plane (preferably with a parachute attached). I’ll pay for this out of my own pocket so your money will not be going towards me doing something else generally a bit stupid!

Whether you donate or not, wishes of good luck will be most appreciated / needed!! Please pass this link around if you feel it is worthy of someone elses attention 🙂