Has Torres scored for Chelsea?

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This website will tell you the answer. Genius. Sometimes it’s the small things!


I’m a man, I can fix that

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I got sent this by email, and thought it was genious so thought I’d find an online version and share it with y’all!


Download a cake today!

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I am proud to announce the launch of my new online Cake Business. You wan’t it? I’ll bake it. And post it to you.

Check out my rock buns.


Click the more link to find out more details. Website to be launched soon.

Yeah, ok, lame attempt, Here’s some better April Fool efforts…

Google introduces “CADIE” Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity) : http://www.google.com/intl/en/landing/cadie/index.html

Some Spam is Just Funny: “Better Wang Parameters!”

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Sometimes I enjoy receiving spam. It’s utter randomness is at times very amusing. See below one I received over the weekend…

“Bettter wang parameters!

and he doesn’t believe me. He thinks i’m saying quietly.
i am a jew. And, as you say, our race of evil, though there
has never been anything of us, so i’ve got nothing to do
but be dragged ‘i enjoy coming to see you and i shall go
away. “

Daily POB!

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Another dose of Pob. This time, he has a giraffe!!

Pob is Back!

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Look, it’s Pob on Youuuuuu Tuuube!

New POB Video!

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This had me in tears! Best kids TV programme ever?

I fucking love this advert!

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Croatian National Anthem Gaffe!

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Check out this news story from the BBC. It’s classic, it goes a long way to easing the pain of what occurred in the following 90 minutes!



BBC Interviews the Wrong Person! Comedy Ensues

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This is classic. This guy had turned up to the BBC for a job interview, and ends up live on telly doing an interview on the result of a law-case involving Apple.

His face is a picture when he realises whats going on. What a star though, he blags it well!!