Ski Scotland Area Pass = eh?!

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In theory, this is a great idea. An all area Ski-Scotland pass allowing you to ski all of Scotland’s mountains with one pass. At £450 it’s not cheap, but if you live up that way, it’s a great way to follow the best Scottish snow no matter which resort it may be at.

However, for some barmy reason, the pass runs from December ’11 (by which point going by the past few seasons you will probably have already missed at least months skiing/riding at the Cairngorms, through to October ’12 which just seems a bit pointless (or maybe they are expecting an insanely long season?!).

Seems a bit of a shame really, can’t we trade September and August 2012 for October and November 2011?

Then again, I guess there’s always the option of fastening some wheels to the bottom of the board and catching some summer action!!

More info here if you are interested:

Shaun White: Amazing!

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Check this out. This is just unbelievable skills!!