Slot Racing for Android

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Slot Racing:

This is a brilliantly fun little scalextrix sim. Not very realistic though, where are all the annoying deadspots in the track and the warm electrical hum of a transformer living life on the edge?!

How to use technology to cycle and walk places you would never have imagined!


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So, here is how technology has taken my cycling opportunities to all new levels, and how you can do the same to plan awesome cycle (and if you are that way inclined, walking) routes that you otherwise would never have imagined!

Using Back Country Navigator ( on my android phone, I can view Ordnance Survey style maps on my phone and mark waypoints in order to plan a route which includes bridleways, footpaths and minor roads which you just can’t find on Google maps or the likes of Map My Ride ( . Sometimes I may use Bing maps first ( as this too has an Ordnance Survey option (Back Country Navigator actually uses Bing maps as it’s engine), and so this allows me to just get an idea of things on a slightly larger screen.

Alternatively I may find a route that someone else has already done, and import it via a standard .gpx file.

When I have my route and waypoints marked on the phone, I can then export this to a .gpx file and use GPS Visualiser ( to put the waypoints onto a map which I can then share with my friends, or fellow journeymen via a link or downloadable HTML file. Just on a slight tangent, I can use Remote Web Desktop ( to start an FTP server on my phone, so I can connect to the phone via WIFI and download the file via FTP – you know, for those times where that pesky cable is upstairs!

I can then download the area of the map required to the phone (in Back Country Navigator), so that I know even when I am stuck somewhere remote with no signal (the best place to be on a bike!), I can rest safe in the knowledge I have a map at my finger tips and can still find my way.

Of course, I can then use Back Country Navigator to follow my route (and make diversions when I find that public footpath is infact impassible). It overlays my current heading, and location on the route I have already planned, just to keep things nice and simple. I can also use Back Country Navigator to track and record my actual path, though I tend to prefer the Map My Ride app for this, as this also records things like the time I have taken, my average and maximum speeds, which is all kinda groovy.

When I get home I can then export my actual route from the map mapped by map my ride, and use a WordPress plugin called GPX To Graphics ( to share the route via my blog. If I’ve been a bit touristy I can also upload the photos to my Picasa account and share them on here too!

All in all, this gives me everything that very expensive mapping software and GPS devices would give me – and a whole lot more. And the only cost is a meagre £7 for the Back Country Navigator app on the ‘droid.

I hope this may help someone to discover a whole new world of cycling or walking. Just a small disclaimer. Make sure you have spare batteries for your phone – enough to get you through a heavy days use, and, being sensible I would always also reccommend printing off, or having copies of maps of the area you are riding as a backup plan in the case that technology fails!


Back Country Navigator for Android

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This is a fantastic little app. Turn your android device into a fully functioning GPS navigation device for just £6.

Import your waypoints from standard gpx files and then see your waypoints, current heading, and current direction nicely overlayed over detailed Os survey style maps from Multimap.

You can even download the maps to the phone so when you are lost in the arse end of nowhere with no mobile signal, you can still find your way about. Just make sure you have some spare batteries with you, although to be fair, even its battery use is very acceptable.

Other features include a compass, and detailed waypoint navigation on a point to point basis, and much more. For the price, it’s an excellent little app for all you intrepid explorers!

BackCountry Navigator PRO:

Physx live wallpaper

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I absolutely love this live wallpaper. Lots of colourful particles bouncing up and down the screen reacting to the accelerometer in the phone.

Doesn’t seem too much of a battery drain either. Much fun!

PhysX Live Wallpaper:

You want free ringdings?

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This made me chuckle in a Fone/Facejacker styleee:

“Best of all, Web Site Downloader is FREE!

All you pay is a one-time fee of $16.95 (approximately £10.95 or 12.95 Euros) to cover distribution and support.” – Play your iTunes from ANYWHERE!

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I have just come across something, and its so blummin brilliant, I just have to share it.

Check this out:

Download the software to your primary iTunes PC and then you can stream your iTunes to any PC so long as your iTunes PC and the one you are sat at is online.

I tried it in the office to my home pc earlier today. Pretty impressive.

For iPhone users, there is even an app which allows you to do the same. You can even stream fairly successfully over a 3G connection! So technically, you can carry your entire itunes library around with you! Serously cool. Who needs a 120gb iPod??!

The only drawback I’ve found so far is that although it does claim to support Winamp and Media Player too, I was unable to get it to work in WinAmp. Works a dream in iTunes though. I haven’t tried Media Player…

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention the best bit… it’s totally FREE!… Well, apart from the iPhone app which will cost you a staggering £3.50…

Vista is a piece of cack!!

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I must be in a ranting mood at the moment. Today, and well yesterday, I am ranting about Microsofts awful awful awful AWFUL new operating system.It’s got to be the most over-bloated, resource hungry, unsupportable security nightmare of an OS ever dreamt up.

It stinks of an ethos of “I’m not going to let you do ANYTHING unless you either manually disable all of my security features, or click a million pop-up windows”.

From a support perspective, it’s a total nightmare. It’s going to make life at work a real headache.

Microsoft, you can take Vista and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Everyone, I beg you all, stay on XP!

Get the Vista Sidebar in Windows XP

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OK, we all know the best thing about Microsofts overly bloatec new operating system is going to be the sidebar. Well, now you can get it for XP!

Internet Explorer 7 Beta

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I’m currently using IE7 Beta. It’s nice, although I guess it is just a copy of Firefox in many ways!Its true, I am a Microsoft Whore. I don’t understand why people jump ship from Microsoft Products to use other products that are just as flawed and buggy, but haven’t yet been found out.

Anyways, thats a whole other argument. I was just posting to say I am currently trialling IE 7 (beta). It seems pretty good. I like the new interface, it’s very sexy without all the nasty big buttons of the previous versions and nice gradient shaded toolbars.

You can trial the beta for yourself, get it from Microsofts site here: