More reccommended bands

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More reccommended bands on the bands page – . Check out “Boy Kill Boy”, and the magnificent “The Good Die Young” as well as “Light Brigade” and “The Smokestacks”

The Everyn, The Guests – Check em out!!

Category : Reccommended Bands

You should check out the Everyn and the Guests. Good indie bands that can both rock out. Find links to their myspace account where you can check out and download their tunes on the reccommended bands page

Phils MySpace Festival

Category : Reccommended Bands

As you may or may not know, I have become addicted to finding good new bands on MySpace.As a result of this, please check out the new page I’ve added to my site. It’s basically a list of all the cool bands I’ve found with links back to their myspace accounts so that you can check them out for yourselves!

Check it out here:

Dirty Pretty Things

Category : Reccommended Bands

Ex Libertines guitarist/vocalist and ex Cooper Temple Clause bassist. Forget Babyshambles and that joke that is Pete Docherty, and check these guys out instead!Check em out on myspace: Dirty Pretty Things

The Hot Quiche Conspiracy

Category : Reccommended Bands

Playing a mix of ska/rock/rap/pop, the Quiche appear to be some form of weird cross between Less Than Jake and Goldie Lookin Chain!But the Darlo posse carry it off with some style. Great stage presence, some great songs – all self penned, and a growing local following make this band one to watch out for.

Lets just hope they can keep it together as they all go off to Uni, I hear a bus-tour of the region is planned around Easter time. You really should try and catch them on that one.