Sensible Goes Silly!!

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Was playing Sensible Soccer with the legendary Shez last night when there was a most bizarre sequence of events…!So, we come to the quarter final of the marathon cup competition we were playing and it’s Marseille Vs Istanbul. Me being Marseille, Shez, Istanbul. Istanbul race into a 4-0 lead and Marseille look doomed. However, in the most spectacular and miraculous of comebacks, a last minute goal from a corner makes it 4-4.

No extra time, and straight to penalties. It’s tense, but Marseille win it 3-1 and are jubilant!! Or so you’d think….

But, whats this I see, on the computer screen….. Marseille 4 – 4 Istanbul (Istanbul win 8-4 on penalties). Eh???!?!?!? Firstly, not only is that an impossible penalty scoreline. Secondly, it bares no reflection on any other logically calculated scoreline based on the actual score and the actual penalty score, and thirdly, Marseille, having completed one of the greatest ever Sensible Soccer comebacks, have been chucked out of the competition on some bizarre technicality.

Needless to say Istanbul went on to win the tournament (on penalties!)…..

Just shows you, Sensi soccer can still surprise you 16 years on!

And, just for the sake of it, here’s the link to the video of new Sensi again!

And every goal, goal, goal, says it’s the best in the land!!

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Oh my god, I am quite literally wetting myself with excitement at this video of the new Sensible Soccer!!!

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I challenge you to find a game more bizarre than this on the internet!

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