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I’ve just got back from another fab trip to Tignes. We stayed in Chalet Chardons – the slightly more hostel-like sister to Chalet Hattiers that we have stayed in before. A bit less chilled out at times, but still good food and friendly staff. This week was all about the boarding so not much in the way of apres to report. I’ve come away wanting to go back again though. There’s still so much to explore that I haven’t even touched yet. March/April maybe..?! We’ll see!

Bluebird day – Beautiful blue skys today. Kept it mostly on piste in and around Tignes, with a few off piste ventures. Unseasonably warm, more like a spring day!

Did Grand Motte today. Should have done it on Sunday – view was non-existent!!

Snowed nearly all day so visibility not great. Took the bus to Le Fornet at the far end of the valley and then rode all the way back via Val D’Isere, La Daille and Tignes and lifts Fornet, Vallon, Leissures, Lac, Datcha, Manchet Express, Olympique, Tommeuses and Chaudennes. Basically covered a lot of ground in one day! Did an incredible tree run off the bottom of the Vallon gondola, just after the start of the marked (but closed) Foret run.

Another gorgeous day, explored some off piste in the Sache valley, hiking up off the top of the Aguile Percee lift. Some great runs, very remote, and some tricky, tough walk-outs! Don’t mention the fire road!! Argh!

Snowed most of the day so not great visibility. Again stuck mostly around the Tignes area. Rode switch most of the day! Booked an off piste guide for the Friday so took it largely quite easy.

Guided Off Piste with David! Though the visibility was worryingly awful to begin with, it was a brilliant morning with some hiking in to areas we would never found on our own. Fresh tracks in DEEP powder all morning, an interesting tree run and generally much grinning! I’ll post separately some of the off piste routes taken!
On the evening we took the boards back to the slope for a sledging session shared with our table-mates in the chalet which was also much fun, if probably the most dangeorous thing we did all week 🙂

Rented a pair of ski’s for the morning and took to the button lift in Les Brevs to polish up our expert skiing skills. I actually really felt I was getting the hang of it though. Maybe it’s time to switch allegiances….. maybe not 😉

Photos – A video to follow… sometime..!

Cairngorms boarding trip

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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 31
There were some pretty big kickers to play on at @cairngormmountain http://twitpic.com/cg02ho  . Awesome!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 31
Absolute textbook drive home. Good weekend away in the highlands!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 31
In true easter style, today’s snowboarding is powered by cadburys cream eggs!!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 30
Pretty gorgeous day up at @cairngormmountain though!!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 30
Monster refreshment required after rubbish sleep in the hostel. Seriously, who gets up at 4.30am?? #antisocial
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 29
Err how am I meant to eat this?? #monsterburger http://twitpic.com/cfegtl
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Tignes, Christmas 2012

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…the Whiteouts Strike Back!

So I returned to Tignes and Chalet Hattiers over Christmas with my brother and his family. It was a great trip and a cool way to spend Christmas even though the boarding wasn’t quite as wild as on my previous trip due in part to the conditions (total whiteouts) and in part to taking it a bit easier and boarding with the family.

There was still plenty of fun to be had though with fancy dress boarding and airbag jumping on Christmas day, an amazing first tracks powder run on boxing day and a park lesson learning how to hit jumps and do some basic tricks on the last day.

Not to mention trying to board off piste in a complete Cairngorm style whiteout. This was on the last day when it just snowed, and snowed and snowed! We took a run up one of the few lifts that were open and followed the lift line to find ourselves buried waste deep and not being able to see where we were going!

As far as apres ski goes, it was all very chilled, spending most evenings relaxing in the hostel, dubbed Fawlty Towers for the week due to a number of botched and unfinished renovations. We went to the Christmas Eve fancy dress party (with the return of Blobby and Darth) which was good. Kudos, and equally shame on the guy who turned up in a mankini!

Christmas day was definitely a different affair. Snowboarding on Christmas day was great, and the chalet put on a nice turkey dinner with the most amazing Christmas Pud I’ve ever tasted! And a bottle of port for the table. Nice touch!

On the Thursday night, the chalet night off we went for a meal in the local restaurant. I shared “Fondue Boeuf” with my sister in law. It’s english translation on the menu was “Beef Bourguignon” so we were a bit surprise when what turned up really was beef fondue! i.e. a big plate of raw cuts of beef and a bowl of boiling cooking fat! It was lush though – like having a whole plate of mini steaks, and there were some delicious sauces to go with it. I’m not sure if it was novel, or a rip off having to cook our own tea though!!

Anyway, thats some of the highlights, here’s some pictures:

Tignes 2012

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The Lecht / Cairngorms – Jan 2012

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Following the unsuccessfuly Christmas Eve trip to the Cairngorms, me and @pkryder decided to try again when conditions appeared more favourable.

Having arrived at the Cairngorms with ticket sales on hold due to high wind, it was looking like another expensive cup of coffee, though the random party and one piece models almost made it worthwhile.

Having decided to stop over at my bros and try again the next day we headed off to the Lecht to try there. The Lecht was open, but after attempting one run and being blown around at 80mph we gave up and got our money back!

Luckily the next day at the gorms was awesome. Not much wind and good snow conditions. Well pisted in the areas that had snow. Also a good little park to play on.

Some photos:

Cairngorms first boarding session

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Last weekend I got my first fix of snowboarding for the 11/12 season as I hit the Cairngorms on opening day. Given the insane weather and winds that had battered Scotland earlier in the week, it was a beautiful day up at the top and though only two tows were running, the snow was good enough to make it a more than worthwhile trip.

I was boarding on my old Nitro snowboard and Mission bindings – 5 yr old gear! Ii actually found the board that got a less than professional base grind on a gravel slope in Bulgaria actually performed quite well and was quite nice to ride on the groomed pistes. A little less insane than my current board!

Can’t wait to go back on Christmas eve. Below are a few pictures from the day and also around my brothers house and a snowy Ben Rinnes

Super spring Boarding session @CairngormMtn

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It’s been a bit of a whirlwind weekend. I travelled up to the Cairngorms for a days spring snowboarding yesterday.

It was actually really good. The signs weren’t good driving up to, and lookign up at the hill from the bottom, but coverage on the runs was surprisingly good, and up top, coverage was still pretty widespread. All runs but the Day Lodge poma (which was completely dry) were running.

Despite a miserable lifty not letting us on the first lift of the day because we didn’t have leashes (seriously, WTF?), we (me and my brother) got a good full day in.

The snow was spring like (slushy), but I find it surprisingly fun boarding on slush. You can pick up some real speed, but yet easily check it and turning is easy.

There were loads of little drop offs and jumps to play on, and the park, although basic, had a couple of easy features to play on.

All in all a good day, and, worth the trip and maybe even the insane expense! Towards the end of the day, the bottom of the lower runs were really suffering, and for anyone thinking of heading up, I think the days of the lower runs are numbered. It got quite difficult trying to negotiate thinning lower runs with pedestrian skiers in the way!

I’m glad I did go this weekend, as I think, unless there is a freak batch of fresh snow, yesterday was my last opportunity to catch some reasonable decent real snow this season.

Time to retire the board, and dust off (and repair) the bike 🙂

Here’s some photo’s from the trip. Videos coming in separate posts…

Banff 2011 – Photos

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Photos from my recent trip to Banff.

Scotland Boarding Photos

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Photos from my Scotland Snowboarding trip!

Jackson Hole, Feb-March 2009

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