Tignes Off Piste!

Do NOT attempt any of these routes. You WILL die. This guide is purely for my own memories and future reference. Do NOT try and follow them. If you are going Off Piste only do so with all the appropriate training and a guide who knows what he is doing. And even then you might die!

Tignes and the Val D’isere ski valleys or the Espace Killy as it is collectively known is a haven for off piste skiing. Having been there for three weeks in total now I have still barely scratched the surface of what is out there. Below are some of the off piste runs I’ve done (excluding the off piste which is immediately accessible from the side of the groomed slopes or under the lifts.

Some of these were found from the links below, and some from a day out with a guide from the ESF. This is a very affordable way to get shown around bits of the mountain you wouldn’t otherwise dare to reach!

Sache Valley


We did a couple of routes into the Sache Valley. These are easily accessable and very doable runs. Something to remember here is when the valley flattens out try to keep the piste in view to your right. When you spot the ski patrol hut, head back over to the piste. This may be a difficult trek but the bottom half of the valley is not really worth the effort and dumps you on a horrible walk-out to rejoin the piste further down with a scary looking drop into a frozen waterfall!

So anyway, the access to the start of these routes is simple – at the top of the Aiguille Percee and Marais chair lifts, take the small hike up to the right of you (as sat on the Marais chair) or directly in front and to the left of the Percee chair – you’ll see it – it’s obvious. There are two options. Head left at the top and you can drop in around the back of the valley into a wide open, not massively steep bowl, or head right and tackle one of the coulouis. The first couple will scare the pants off you, but if you go far enough, you’ll find one which has a bit of a narrow, steep drop in, but quickly opens up into a huge bowl. You can’t go too far wrong once you get to the bottom of these drop-ins, though as above – if you can head back to the piste to avoid the second half of the valley and the dodgy walk out.



Accessible with a short walk from the top of the Chaudennes chair lift it is possible to drop into the Glattier valley (shown on the piste map) crossing over the blue piste and down into the valley. You can drop through the trees at the end of the run and will eventually pop out on to the road where there is a bus stop where you can pick up the free shuttle back to the main resort areas.



Again, only a very short walk required from the top of the Merles chair. Drop in to the area marked “Lognan” on the piste map. There is a large area to explore here just in between the pistes marked on the map. You’ll end up on the road with a short walk back to Tignes le Lac or Val Claret.

Palafour Corridors


As you look up at the mountain face at the Palafour lift, you will see a number of corridors dropping down on the right hand side. These are accessible with a short walk from the top of the Palafour lift. As you get to the top of the Palafour lift, you will see a short section of avalanche barriers. Walk on the inside (downhill side) of these barriers towards the corridors. Once you are done, you will drop back on to the red “Blouets” run which you can take to head back to the village.

More Tignes / Val D’isere Off Piste info

As Β I say, I have barely scratched the surface here, I hear there is some great stuff off the Montet and Signal drag lifts in Le Fornet, and up Grand Pre in Bellevarde – so something to explore next time I go πŸ˜‰

Here are some further links





As I said though, don’t do any of this or you will DIE.


I’ve just got back from another fab trip to Tignes. We stayed in Chalet Chardons – the slightly more hostel-like sister to Chalet Hattiers that we have stayed in before. A bit less chilled out at times, but still good food and friendly staff. This week was all about the boarding so not much in the way of apres to report. I’ve come away wanting to go back again though. There’s still so much to explore that I haven’t even touched yet. March/April maybe..?! We’ll see!

Bluebird day – Beautiful blue skys today. Kept it mostly on piste in and around Tignes, with a few off piste ventures. Unseasonably warm, more like a spring day!

Did Grand Motte today. Should have done it on Sunday – view was non-existent!!

Snowed nearly all day so visibility not great. Took the bus to Le Fornet at the far end of the valley and then rode all the way back via Val D’Isere, La Daille and Tignes and lifts Fornet, Vallon, Leissures, Lac, Datcha, Manchet Express, Olympique, Tommeuses and Chaudennes. Basically covered a lot of ground in one day! Did an incredible tree run off the bottom of the Vallon gondola, just after the start of the marked (but closed) Foret run.

Another gorgeous day, explored some off piste in the Sache valley, hiking up off the top of the Aguile Percee lift. Some great runs, very remote, and some tricky, tough walk-outs! Don’t mention the fire road!! Argh!

Snowed most of the day so not great visibility. Again stuck mostly around the Tignes area. Rode switch most of the day! Booked an off piste guide for the Friday so took it largely quite easy.

Guided Off Piste with David! Though the visibility was worryingly awful to begin with, it was a brilliant morning with some hiking in to areas we would never found on our own. Fresh tracks in DEEP powder all morning, an interesting tree run and generally much grinning! I’ll post separately some of the off piste routes taken!
On the evening we took the boards back to the slope for a sledging session shared with our table-mates in the chalet which was also much fun, if probably the most dangeorous thing we did all week πŸ™‚

Rented a pair of ski’s for the morning and took to the button lift in Les Brevs to polish up our expert skiing skills. I actually really felt I was getting the hang of it though. Maybe it’s time to switch allegiances….. maybe not πŸ˜‰

Photos – A video to follow… sometime..!

Fernie Mountain Resort, Fernie, British Columbia, Canada

I had decided to go to Fernie after years of following it’s epic snowfall on Twitter and having heard good things from friends who had gone before me (@andybell79 and @pkryder). Naturally then, me and @andybell79 went there with great expectation and excitement.

Sadly, in terms of snowfall we were to be disappointed. Seems the Griz had decided to coincide his two week holiday with ours (The Griz is a legendary creature who is said to fire his gun in the air and cause it to snow). Although we had a few inches slowly accumulate in the first week and one overnight dump of 7 or 8 cm, that was as good as it got. We did get some powder on that day but certainly not the snorkeltastic waist deep fun we were hoping for.

There was however full mountain coverage and some decent conditions to be found with a bit of hunting.

There was lots of varied, steep and challenging terrain, but the resort is let down a little by a lift system which results in a lot of traversing in order to hit the whole of the mountain, and having to do a loop of 2 or 3 slowish lifts in order to hit the same area again.

Polar peak on the 2 or 3 occasions we managed to get up there showed it had epic potential. The double diamond run we did when we couldn’t see more than 10m in front of us was particularly memorable! Unfortunately the lift and area did spend a large portion of the holiday closed due to either low/no visibility or bad conditions.

Some other favourite runs included Big Bang, the Knot Chutes, and the runs off the Elk Chair, which although a green had lots of trees and features to have some fun with! There are also a couple of short hikes directly above the lifts which are worth a walk if they aren’t fenced off for avalanche risk.

There are lots of tree runs which is great when visibility isn’t the best (which was quite often). A run to avoid is off the left side of the Timber Chair (as you go up) into Siberia Bowl. The black might be fun, but the massive, mostly flat blue traverse back certainly is not!

We took in a skiing lesson on our last day as about a week of no snow at all had left conditions scrapy, icy and no fun on a snowboard. I actually really enjoyed it, especially the eventful and slow run off the chairlift just before handing the equipment back. We are now officially green runners though, so that’s pretty much expert, right? I look forward to tackling somethingΒ Β  a bit more extreme next time I slap on a pair of planks!

The town itself is great with a number of decent bars, restaurants and shops. You can even take yourself for a drink in the Canadian legion if you want to chat to a load of old ex-pats (I don’t think there were any Canadians in there!), and get yourself down to the Fernie Hotel Pub the first Saturday of every month to help judge (or even take part in!) their monthly cook-off competition. If you happen to see Giselle, be sure to say Hi from me!

The ice hockey is also a worthwhile night out, and, as @andybell79 would testify a great opportunity to rest tired eyes and catch 40 winks πŸ˜‰

In summary, it was a fab holiday and I did love Fernie but the lack of snow was a real shame. I’d definitely go back, but I’d be checking in with the Griz next time to see what his holiday plans were πŸ˜‰



Text: Finally made it home. Shower and then bed methinks!
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Text: Apparently it was too foggy to land and we didn’t have enough fuel to keep circling! Made it now though and on the road home!
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Text: I’m sure Birmingham is lovely but the car’s in Gatwick :-S
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Text: Let it be known to the world that @andybell79 has just poured beer down the sink!! #disgraceful
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Text: @StephenShutt @pkryder @andybell79 so who’s up for a skiing trip to castleford next weekend. We’ll show you how its done!
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Text: Not sure where we are going for our final meal in fernie, other than nowhere fast! Powernap may be needed. Oh, and the cable is broke!
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Text: …but with a much higher potential for catastrophe!!
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Text: So my experience of learning to ski is that it was much easier and less painful than learning to board was…
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Text: @Lil_Miss_Lis can totally see how u broke your knee. Pretty sure on several occasions i had more than 2 legs pointing different directions!
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Text: @Lil_Miss_Lis deffo sticking to the one plank but will throw a pair of skis on again at some point. Be good to be able to do a bit of both!
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Text: @Lil_Miss_Lis it made a fun change! Conditions not been great for the boards for a few days now.
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Text: Had a good night at the brick house last night. Good food, good music and good booze!!
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Text: Good last day. Enjoyed skiing and even tackled a chair and a proper green run! Gnarly! http://t.co/I1nAGBpk
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Text: @pkryder @StephenShutt we are having a half day lesson!
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Text: @Rola_Cola mmmmm with your tweet you make me want to go to Tim Horton and buy 12 doughnuts πŸ™‚ x
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Text: http://t.co/uSnZ81SH I am pretty sure Jim Beam will help me ski (backwards).
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Text: I fricking love music. Canada. England. Ghana. Its all groovy. #neilyoing
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Text: @Lil_Miss_Lis if a bear wears a hat on a Monday then does Ricki lake see it poo in the woods whilst skiing in secret?
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Text: Really fun day after a slow start. Got some good vids! Now me and @andybell79 are off out for a nice romantic valentines day meal!!
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Text: Snow snow everywhere! (except here!)
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Text: I think I’ve been nacho’d http://t.co/USVuNyPV
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Text: The only way things are going to improve here tomorrow is if there are hot girls riding in bikinis. #fernie #thegrizisonholiday
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Text: Who needs pancakes?! RT @andybell79 Yum yum. Chocolate coated cheesecake on a stick! http://t.co/2ixKYVLv
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Text: Action shots!! @andybell79 http://t.co/M6ylCIjI http://t.co/mWe7fucW http://t.co/JIIiboMO http://t.co/9kvbhU7A
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Text: Chairlift Mo-bot! http://t.co/aYHayBz1
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Text: I seeeeeeeeee you!!!!! http://t.co/L7XoIjGL
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Text: Another fun day on the hill. Still no new snow but practising jumps, switch and carving instead πŸ™‚
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Text: That’s so weird. I dreamt just this morning about a chairlift being blown over. Hope everyone in the Lecht incident is OK!
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Text: Dear everyone, please come to Canada so I don’t have to come home. Thank you please. X
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Text: So much pizza… #elkvalleypizzashoppe
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Text: PLEASE SNOW!! @skifernie @pastordavemorton
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Text: Goggles turned up at lost property.. anyone want to buy some goggles??
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Text: Rather fancy some “slackcountry” before the holidays out. Don’t tell @andybell79 πŸ˜‰
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Text: Turns out drinking lots of beer & going to bed late isn’t conducive to a productive days snowboarding! Easy day and early finish!
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Text: http://t.co/u0Ioevr8 Off for a drink in the legion! With mostly English exiles!! @andybell79
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Text: http://t.co/ywe0px0C Kraft cheese contest in the pub!
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Text: A small snack for breakfast… http://t.co/nsj1zCso
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Text: and Southampton beat man city in the face with an axe. Wtf!
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Text: Door doo doo dooo doo doo doo!
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Text: Bought some goggles. Drunk in the Canadian (British) legion. Talked to wigan fans, watched @andybell79 fall asleep at hockey.. #funtimes
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Text: So where to start? Had one meal, a gigantic breakfast at Smitty’s, drunk beer, judged a maccy cheese cook off won by crazy Giselle…
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Text: @StephenShutt yes, they fell off my head. No, as yet there is no snow pummeling our faces in the face.
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Text: @pkryder haha! Was actually going to get gloves but might not have the budget now!
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Text: So a day of food, beer, shopping and later, hockey. Need to replace my goggles which went missing somewhere on the slopes yesterday!
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Text: Having a day off the slopes today. Novel for me on a snowboarding holiday, but looking forward to an easy day after weeks of madness!
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Text: Polar Peak today. Awesome until the sun came out and fair weather skiers, tourists and sightseers skied it out! http://t.co/6VYbSDc9
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Text: @MagnumJK d d d danger out to find you…!
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Text: Pretty sure at approaching 32, I shouldn’t be watching Duck Tales, but what you gonna do? #awooohhooo
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Text: “knot chutes” even! Polar peak double diamonds on the hitlist for tomorrow! Woop!
Created At: Thu Feb 07 01:04:23 +0000 2013

Text: @pkryder apparently a group of noisy kids are arriving and it wouldn’t be good for them to see us wandering about in our pants
Created At: Thu Feb 07 00:04:23 +0000 2013

Text: Perfect day – snow in the morning, blue skies in the afternoon. Hiked up to the “knot shoots” for sweet deep double diamond thrills! #fernie
Created At: Thu Feb 07 00:04:21 +0000 2013

Text: Traversed and explored the bowls to find good snow yesterday and some ace tree runs. Snowed most of the day!
Created At: Wed Feb 06 14:55:52 +0000 2013

Text: @pkryder we have been moved to a suite with two floors!
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Text: There’s outrage in Canada this morning because they have replaced the iron with a cat in #monopoly #whocares
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Text: On the plus side its snowing like buggery outside. A day to sit in the cafe, drink alcoholic coffee and watch it snow? πŸ™‚
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Text: @pkryder did you not see? Its DAM good!
Created At: Tue Feb 05 15:13:21 +0000 2013

Text: Also got sideways air today when trying to slow down after straightlining it. Didn’t see the bump. Pretty funny!
Created At: Tue Feb 05 06:08:35 +0000 2013

Text: On the plus side pistes are fast and true and getting lots of switch riding in!
Created At: Tue Feb 05 06:06:32 +0000 2013

Text: @skifernie where’s the snow? Any tips on finding something fresh? Will do snow dance in return!!
Created At: Tue Feb 05 05:57:47 +0000 2013

Text: Took a short hike today to find some good snow. From top of the white pass quad. Well trodden routes quite sketchy now. #snowplease #fernie
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Text: Beaver Buzz. Its dam good!! http://t.co/jxfzReZi
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Text: @Lil_Miss_Lis yes! In Fernie. In my defence though, I did at least a years worth of work in January!!
Created At: Tue Feb 05 01:32:29 +0000 2013

Text: Right, look. Stop fannying around and just get snowing properly!! #fernie
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Text: First day, first lift to last lift and last on the bus out of the resort! #hardcore
Created At: Mon Feb 04 02:08:17 +0000 2013

Text: Up and ready for day one. Feel surprisingly good. Must have been the awesome curry! Bring it!
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Text: Home for the next couple of weeks. Nice, even has a balcony. No doorbell though!! http://t.co/ndB3rlls
Created At: Sun Feb 03 01:31:42 +0000 2013

Text: Wow, feels great to have had more than 3 hours sleep even if up at 6am! Bye bye Hotel Europa! Hello Gatwick..
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Text: This hotel is awesome. We’ve even got a doorbell! #fawltytowers
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Text: Uh oh, need more pants and socks – hope there’s a C&A in Fernie??!!
Created At: Fri Feb 01 12:01:12 +0000 2013

Text: When packing for holiday, most important is to make sure your tech is sorted out.. especially with a 8hr flight to look forward to! πŸ˜›
Created At: Fri Feb 01 10:59:09 +0000 2013

Cairngorms boarding trip

Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 31
There were some pretty big kickers to play on at @cairngormmountain http://twitpic.com/cg02ho Β . Awesome!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 31
Absolute textbook drive home. Good weekend away in the highlands!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 31
In true easter style, today’s snowboarding is powered by cadburys cream eggs!!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 30
Pretty gorgeous day up at @cairngormmountain though!!
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 30
Monster refreshment required after rubbish sleep in the hostel. Seriously, who gets up at 4.30am?? #antisocial
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Philly M ‏@mayb2moro Mar 29
Err how am I meant to eat this?? #monsterburger http://twitpic.com/cfegtl
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Castleford Freestyle Session

Feeling a bit bored and a bit spontaneous, I headed down to Castleford yesterday to practise some of the stuff I had been taught in my lesson in Tignes, and subsequently refreshed via YouTube!

It was a great session and by the end I was feeling comfortable riding switch and I nailed a frontside 180 off the kicker which gave me a massive buzz! My new board is just great for this kind of stuff. It’s got loads of bounce and pop but equally is nice and stable when I need it to be (i.e. on the landings!!)

Feeling so so excited for Fernie already!

Tignes, Christmas 2012

…the Whiteouts Strike Back!

So I returned to Tignes and Chalet Hattiers over Christmas with my brother and his family. It was a great trip and a cool way to spend Christmas even though the boarding wasn’t quite as wild as on my previous trip due in part to the conditions (total whiteouts) and in part to taking it a bit easier and boarding with the family.

There was still plenty of fun to be had though with fancy dress boarding and airbag jumping on Christmas day, an amazing first tracks powder run on boxing day and a park lesson learning how to hit jumps and do some basic tricks on the last day.

Not to mention trying to board off piste in a complete Cairngorm style whiteout. This was on the last day when it just snowed, and snowed and snowed! We took a run up one of the few lifts that were open and followed the lift line to find ourselves buried waste deep and not being able to see where we were going!

As far as apres ski goes, it was all very chilled, spending most evenings relaxing in the hostel, dubbed Fawlty Towers for the week due to a number of botched and unfinished renovations. We went to the Christmas Eve fancy dress party (with the return of Blobby and Darth) which was good. Kudos, and equally shame on the guy who turned up in a mankini!

Christmas day was definitely a different affair. Snowboarding on Christmas day was great, and the chalet put on a nice turkey dinner with the most amazing Christmas Pud I’ve ever tasted! And a bottle of port for the table. Nice touch!

On the Thursday night, the chalet night off we went for a meal in the local restaurant. I shared “Fondue Boeuf” with my sister in law. It’s english translation on the menu was “Beef Bourguignon” so we were a bit surprise when what turned up really was beef fondue! i.e. a big plate of raw cuts of beef and a bowl of boiling cooking fat! It was lush though – like having a whole plate of mini steaks, and there were some delicious sauces to go with it. I’m not sure if it was novel, or a rip off having to cook our own tea though!!

Anyway, thats some of the highlights, here’s some pictures:

Park Strife, Castleford with @pkryder

Hit Castleford with @pkryder last night for park night . Had lots of fun on all the toys and even rode my first rail (we’ll ignore the fact it was like an inch off the ground!). Loving the new board, I even practiced some 180s landing switch! Felt weird but good. Check out a couple of vids of our runs!!

Check out @pkryder’s toeslide nailslide 180-80-40-60 πŸ˜›

Philly The Salmon

Paul The Orange Assassin

New Ride!! – Bataleon Ride 12/13

So, after a mad 4 hours trying boards at Castleford, my weak willed resistance buckled and I bought myself a new ride – One that I had done a whole 1 run on during testing!

I opted for a Bataleon Riot. A park based board but with all the assets to hit the whole of the mountain. Having taken it out for an hour in the evening, I knew I had made the right choice. Although not quite having the control of the Jam, it is massively fun! Lots of flex, incredible pop (I was getting pretty decent air even on the flat without trying very hard)

Also it looks awesome. I am one very happy bunny.

I have also stepped down a size, this board being a 154 as opposed to a 156 so I should find it a bit more responsive.

Can’t wait to get it out on the mountain, but hopefully it will have a few blasts through the park at Castleford before then!

Oh, and it’s pretty too πŸ™‚